Getaway in StocIholm 9 Teaser


Je n’ai pas encore regardé le DVD que j’ai pourtant téléchargé acheté (pour 35.90$ vous pouvez en faire autant sur et ou gratuitement les réseaux warez), je ne sais donc pas si cet opus fait référence à Ghost Rider comme le précédent. En tout cas ce teaser n’est pas des plus alléchants…

Description officielle (en anglais) de ce nouveau GiS :

Porsche 911 GT3 is one of the fastest roadgoing cars ever made. Imagine two – and then put a pair of them in the hands of Mr X and his friend and you will see some racing action in the streets of downtown Stockholm at incredible speeds.

Anywhere and everywhere that they can find the cops to get a nice carhase at their hands – they will go looking – and fast to! If you like sportcars in general and to see them be driven flat out – don’t miss this Getaway in Stockholm production for the world.

This year we have added a little extra, not only do you get to see the two GT3s tease the cops and drive through the city at incredible speeds, you also get to see a second getaway. Mr X Solo run where Mr X ventures out on his own to taunt the proud men and women in blue.